Academy Animal Hospital | Greenwood IN |Pet Boarding

Lots of Love, Personal Care During Your Pet’s Stay

We provide daily, weekly and extended stay boarding for our clients that receive their annual vaccines at Academy Animal Hospital. Your pet is handled personally by our staff several times a day. Dogs and cats are housed in separate areas where they each receive special attention.

Minimum boarding rates include constant monitoring by our trained staff with veterinary supervision, daily feedings of hospital provided premium diet or owner-provided food and cleaning of environment.

Dogs are individually leash-walked twice daily in a grassy, fenced area. Other services such as additional exercise, special diets, administration of medication, bathing, nail trimming and brushing, can be provided at the owner’s request.

For your pet’s protection while boarding at Academy Animal Hospital, all vaccines must be current and a fecal and heartworm test done within the previous 12 months. Bordetella, a specific kennel cough vaccine, influenza and Corona, an intestinal virus vaccine, are also required. Your pet must be free of internal and external parasites. If not, treatment will be done upon admission at your expense. Some boarding stays may require a deposit. 

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